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This class French brioche is rich and golden, loaded with butter and eggs with a paper-thin crust and a silky, tender crumb - perfect for the spring holidays!

It's great on it's own, as a dinner accompaniment, and makes fabulous French toast, or a terrific grilled cheese sandwich, its flavor complementing the sharpness of cheddar cheese!

For best results, freeze upon arrival if you're not intending to consume it immediately. Thaws best in a low-temperature oven (for god's sake, not in the microwave)!  Do not freeze again - when it inevitably stales, use it for french toast, croutons, stuffing, or bread crumbs.

Net Wgt: 3 lbs

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Whole Eggs, Butter, Whole Milk, Sugar, Yeast, Salt.

Allergen Statement: Contains Milk, Butter, Eggs.

Nutrition Macros: