Date Nut Bread
Walnuts, Pecans, or no Nuts

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Imagine a lazy stretch when waking up in the morning. You pad to the kitchen for your juice and coffee ... and date nut bread, what else? A wonderful way to begin your great day!

And it isn't just for breakfast anymore - brunch, lunch, or as a snack, this delicious, substantial date nut bread really stands up to your coffee or tea: It's so good you don't even need butter or cream cheese (but please feel free to slather them on anyway)!

This is a superhero loaf - it's 9 x 5 inches and 2 pounds of melt-in-your-mouth goodness!

Net Wgt 32 oz. Serves 10 to 16. If you get it without nuts we double date :-)

We only use King Arthur flours in our products, as well as grass-fed butter and free-range eggs. Our fruits (like dates) are all from California, and our nuts are likewise all produced in the United States. All our ingredients are kosher and non-GMO.

Ingredients: wheat flour, brown sugar, dates, nuts (if relevant), whole eggs, butter, coffee, vodka, baking powder, vanilla, baking soda, salt.

Allergen Statement: Contains wheat, eggs, butter, tree nuts. Our products are made in an environment that also makes milk, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanut, wheat and soy products.

 Nutrition Macros for walnuts: Serving size 2 oz, 249 cal per serving. 13% total fat, 17% saturated fat, 9% cholesterol, 5% sodium, 13% total carbohydrate, 8% dietary fiber, 21.2 g sugars, 4 g protein, 8% vitamin D, 4% calcium, 8% iron, 4% potassium.

Nutrition analysis calculated based upon a 2000 calorie per day diet.