Loose Leaf Tea

Tea is versatile! Pair your breakfast with a steaming cup of tea, get a midday infusion of energy, or sit back and meditate quietly while cuddling your warm cup when your day is done.

We've been asked why we don't carry coffee. The answer is simple - everyone does coffee so there are a lot of good coffee options out there already.

We'd rather focus on what we know.

Tea is milder than coffee - about half the caffeine - and seems to have a brighter, happier, and more introspective effect than coffee, at least to us. If coffee is a Lamborghini then tea is a Rolls-Royce.

A little bit about tea: Every variety of tea has it's own optimum amount of leaves and steeping temperature. There are a lot of tea connoisseurs out there, perhaps as many as drink fine wine. But you really only need to know the basics - we note those in every tea product description.

Tea contains anti-oxidants in spades, and is often considered a superfood. All tea comes from the same plant, and so every variety has qualities in common.

A tablespoon of loose tea per cup is considered standard - some people like more, some less, but it's a good starting point. Do not try to get a stronger tea by steeping it longer - it will just turn bitter.

But different varieties of tea also have their own unique qualities, for instance:

Black Tea - The most popular tea in the Western world. The simplest tea to brew and very forgiving of variations in water temperature. Heavily oxidized, good shelf life (two years) when well-kept. With a bold flavor profile, this is the tea of patriots.

Oolong Tea - Complex and full-bodied, oolong tea can be used to brew multiple cups from the same leaves. The flavor profile does change somewhat with each brewing.

Green Tea - Highly aromatic, and a powerhouse of anti-oxidants. It can often be brewed more than once. More subtle in taste than the other varieties. Try using a little honey in your green tea instead of sugar.

Try adding some milk to your black tea like our English friends do on the other side of the big pond!