Calculating Nutritional Information for Recipes

Since the USDA took down it's SuperTracker Recipe Analyzer last summer, we've been looking for a suitable replacement, and I believe that we've found one here at verywellfit.

It's easy to use, and the site uses data from the USDA database. Of course, there's much more to healthy eating than what you can get from a nutrition label, but you can use it to make sure that you and yours aren't eating too much of what you should enjoy in moderation.

You probably can't eat too many carrots. Actually you can - a friend's little brother once went on an all-carrot diet and turned orange. Really!

The site gives you an "embed" option to get a link to their site that will show you the Nutrition Facts label you calculated. We go through another step in order to get a stand-alone label. Here's an example for Cranberry Lemon Biscotti (2 biscotti per serving):

- Greg

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